siobhán / shvon.

AGE. twenty-eight
BIRTHDAY. january 6th
GENDER. nonbinary (perisex, tme)
SEXUALITY. lesbian
PRONOUNS. it/its • she/her
MISC. white canadian • anxiety • adhd
if i see a traumatized kid i will adopt them. if i see a mean woman i will become her wife. it's really just that simplePRSK GLOBAL. 162311007031529476
FFXIV. Pyra Myst (Lamia, Primal)
CRK. Shvon (Pure Vanilla)
GENSHIN. mutuals ask for UID (NA server)

♡ 10.31.22 ♡


WHAT TO EXPECT. not part of any subtwt. i am 28 years old. personal twitter, rt heavy, softblock if unfollowing. some nsfw jokes, but otherwise sfw and okay with minors following!
... (though of course keep in mind i am an adult)
i can't tag my main interests (which includes genshin), sorry! my twitter includes a lot of talking about hanako tbhk x rui kny, or hanarui, both as a ship and as individual characters.
... if you don't like one or both of them (or their series), or don't like the idea of that ship, i recommend not following me.
i personally headcanon hanako as an adhd, bipolar, gay trans boy (he/him only), and rui as an autistic, bi, nonbinary boy (he/it).


DNF. people who make being "problematic" their whole personality similarly, if "i hate kids lol" is one of your personality traitsMISC. i dislike a lot of ships, i'm not huge on many m/f ships, and i hate fandom shipping culture. this includes the main m/f tbhk ships, sorry i see some characters as very staunchly lesbians and won't follow you back if you ship them with men (yotsuyu, ysayle, shinobu kny, yae miko, raiden ei, aoi tbhk) i'm a big fan of morally grey hanako and i think he should be evil and fucked up more often i'm not often huge on TME people headcanoning canon men as lesbians. i suggest reading this post by a trans lesbian



as mentioned in my byf i am a big fan of my lil guys and i talk about them a lot. i've shipped them since january 2020 and they make me very happy and i would do anything for them
feel free to ask me anything about them!! i can and will infodump at any given moment i adore them so dearly. it's about the shared trauma moon x stars dynamic.other than them, of course...


SERIES.animal crossing • bandori • bleach • chrono trigger • cookie run • deltarune • final fantasy (v, ix, xiv) • genshin impact • ghost trick • hlvrai • kimetsu no yaiba • kingdom hearts • love live! • madoka magica • mob psycho 100 • mother series • pokemon • portal • project sekai • stray • toilet-bound hanako-kun • trials of mana • undertale • witch hat atelier • yugioh duel monstersCHARACTERS & SHIPS.alongside hanarui, expect to see me talk about rui and hanako as their own separate characters, too!some other common favourites in no order are my wol (pyra), yotsuyu, and meteion (final fantasy), mitsuba (tbhk), klee (genshin), and nene (prsk).you'll often see me mention the ships ichihime (bleach), eimiko and scarabedo (genshin), emunene (prsk), and aoinene, mitsukou, sakumei, and nagitsuchi (tbhk)!a more complete list can be found here!